Iama Jewellery

Iama is an artisanal jewellery brand that creates few-of-a-kind jewellery pieces as luxurious expressions of Ritika’s artistic explorations. This wearable art is designed to turn heads and worn to be confidently exhibited. Being a sister brand of Amai Jewellery, we worked with Iama on brand strategy, naming, visual identity, collateral and website design.

Core Value Statement


Iama is at the intersection between art and jewellery, providing customers an avenue to access unique and opulent designs that are bound to turn heads. Combining well-crafted precious metals and gems, Iama helps women express their passion, individualism and creativity through each piece. Iama acts as a confidant and advisor, giving customers a versatile catalogue and styling options to go with it.

Visual Identity

Iama’s core positioning is of an artisanal brand, that has a very playful approach to designing jewellery. Using colourful stones and an artistic approach to design, Iama’s products stand out from run-of-the-mill jewellery. This direction pushes the idea of playfulness that the brand and it’s product design process already has. Using shapes to denote a constantly evolving approach and unexpected results, the collateral use high-contrast photography paired with a lifestyle to contextualize the use of the jewellery and make it aspirational for it’s customers. The colours are inspired by the stones used by the brand in its products, with the typography carrying a modern sense of simplicity and boldness to depict the confidence that Iama has.