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PulakB (Design) is founded by Pulak Bhatnagar, a designer and creative director with 11+ yrs. experience, specializing in Branding, UI design, Illustration and Photography. Pulak’s worked with top design agencies on clients like Hyatt, Andaz, British Council, Bira91 Beer, Noon Dubai, Serendipity Arts Festival and more. Strategic thinking and storytelling make the backbone of his work with high proficiency in illustration, photography, website and mobile app interface design, packaging design, books and other print and digital collateral.


Over the last decade, Pulak has worked with startups as the design lead and has led teams of designers in studios and agencies. Having tuned his ability to tackle a variety of business problems with a fresh perspective, Pulak’s client list has gone on to include art festivals, tax and fin-tech startups, hotels, healthcare and wellness brands, paper companies, magazines, contemporary artists, street culture brands, FMCG brands, beer brands and more. All this experience and expertise is now exemplified by the team that Pulak has put together for PulakB (Design).


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