Amai Jewellery

Amai is a boutique brand that specializes in custom, handcrafted jewellery. With a rich history of over 120 years, most of Amai work is ‘Made to Order’, with assurance of a trustworthy process and high-quality craftsmanship for every product designed and produced at their end. We worked with Amai on The core brand strategy, naming, visual identity and packaging design.

Core Value Statement

Trustworthy, Luxurious Boutique Jewellery Craftsmanship

Amai at its core is committed to building long-term, trustworthy relationships with its clients, and to provide them with a luxurious, boutique, jewellery craftsmanship experience. Amai doesn’t compromise on providing top-notch, well-crafted episodes of interaction at every stage of the process, whether the store visit, the ideation phase or the product design and delivery.

Visual Identity

A contemporary, luxurious identity needs a contemporary typography system and treatment. This identity direction looks at a two colour system along with Gold as the anchors for building the whole visual identity system. The logo uses a consistent, graphic approach of repetition and angular relationships in the form to establish confidence, visual harmony and modernity in the identity. Equally important is the style of photography, which presents the products in a fresh,modern way to the audience. The tagline helps establish trust and experience in the brand for the customers.


*The jewellery images used above are for representation purposes only. The photography copyrights remain with Thomas Legrand.