Employee Learning

Chapter Vitamins is a tech firm based out of Gurgaon, India that whitelabels and customizes it’s proprietary app for various clients, who use it train and teach their employees. It’s gamified to a small degree, with employees earning points/coins for every topic they learn and course they finish, as assigned by their employer.


I worked with them to design their desktop app with a modern design language as well as solve for various User experience and interface issues. The mobile version can be seen here

Interface Design

Following are the previews of screen interface designs seen in the motion prototype. The desktop app has a fixed sidebar on the left, with the right side scrolling vertically. The onboarding screens help acclimatize the user to the interface approach and leads them to the homepage. The home page allows for quick access to various parts of the app in a single place. Dashboard allows the managers to track various statistics of employees under various zones, states, teams etc.


Courses begin with categories, that open up to reveal sub-categories. Clicking on a sub-category leads you to the courses page with modules and materials displayed.