Generico to Zeno

Generico is a generic medicine startup from Mumbai, India. They aim to reset the power balance in the healthcare space and empower people to take charge of their own health. The brand will have a growing focus towards chronic patients and their needs. I worked with them to explore how a redesigned naming + branding approach can help them communicate better to their audience.


The brand was renamed to Zeno, and we worked on creating a communication strategy and visual identity for it. The visual identity stems from the idea that getting better/healthy is a continuous, never-ending and two-way journey. It’s the symbol of the brand’s purpose to reset the power balance in the industry. The colours used are friendly and bold at the same time, reflecting Zeno’s brand personality. The logo unit is modular and can be adapted to different business categories in the future like hospitals, labs, etc.


Project done as a consultant with The Brewhouse.