Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality

Conversations on gender and sexuality are currently trapped in a box. This box, these boundaries are comprised of a lot of things, including society’s pre-conceived notions, lack of education and awareness, lack of empathy and compassion and more. CSGS is trying to be at the fore-front of such conversations, it’s trying to break the boundaries that are limiting the growth of the society, the empathy, the compassion and the education of people towards sensitive issues on gender and sexuality.


Identity of CSGS lies in breaking these boundries, in pushing the gates of knowledge and awareness open up, in not just out of the box thinking but breaking open the box completely.

The monospace typeface represents certain ideas:

  • Equality, equal space for every character, for every individual
  • Strong connection to academics, research and studies
  • Fearless personality, strong, stable forms of the letter


The pattern draws from the elements used in the main logo and turns them into an organised yet playful patterns of the lines. It’s almost a celebration of breaking the boundries that hold back the conversations which grow us as a society.


For full preview of the website, visit csgs.ashoka.edu.in