Tri Art & Culture

TRI is a multi-art centre and exhibition space, located at the heart of the Kolkata city. They aim to display art and culture across a variety of artistic disciplines and creative formats. With a yearly calendar of art exhibitions, performances, events and public programmes, Tri largely focuses on art emerging from South Asia.


The founding team approached us in 2022, to help ideate the whole brand, and work with them to create the complete communication strategy, naming, visual identity, collateral design and the website. Below are the snippets of the work we’ve done with them since.

Architecture by Opentoskyarchitects.


The starting point for the Tri Visual Language system is a grid of 3 x 3 (coming from TRI), where we block spaces for the logo to appear in relation to the imagery. The space can be blocked full height, width or in any other potential combination.


The 3 x 3 grid has been layered with 6 columns in each box, allowing for fine alignments of content across various collateral. The grid is used to create larger, structural groups for content. The columns inside are used to align content inside respective containers, works horizontal as well as vertical.


The layout grid works for billboards, social media and any other ratio or medium.


In cases where there’s no imagery available to use with the brand collateral, a brand pattern can be made using the Tri logo elements, in different orientations, sizes, colours and crops.


The compositional possibilities with all these variables is endless, and can be toned up or down, in fun or loudness, as required by the collateral.


Once the tonality is figured out, the design can be used on various collateral as solo graphic too, like the tote bag above or the posters below.


The brand patterns were designed to also be used in the niche windows of the building facade, further connecting the heritage triangular building with the Tri identity system.

We also designed various social media collateral for the launch of Tri, and are currently working on designing the Tri website. Glimpses of the work below.