Serendipity Arts Foundation

Serendipity Arts is an not-for-profit organisation that works with artists from across the world by providing patronage and multiple platforms for the display of their work. One of their popular properties is Serendipity Arts Festival. Through 2021 and 2022, We have worked on their branding, books, social media and more.


In 2019, we also designed their website, see the project here

Marketing Design

Projects & Processes

Serendipity Arts Foundation publishes a collation of essays on select curatorial projects from their Arts Festival. We designed the book that collates essays from 2019 festival, and was published in 2022.

Write / Art / Connect

Write / Art / Connect is an occasional publication that brings together all the critical thinking and writing that Serendipity Arts Foundation does around the context of Art. We designed the book that was published in 2022.