Serendipity Arts Festival 2018

Serendipity Arts Festival is a multi-disciplinary festival on the banks of the river Mandovi in Panjim. Happening across different venues, a variety of disciplines comprising of visual, performance and culinary exploration come together in a colourful milieu creating a raw celebration of the arts that’s meant to be energetic, relevant, friendly and accessible. I worked on designing the festival language and branding system, various collaterals and art directing design of collaterals by others. 


The festival language stems as a metaphor of inter-disciplinary approach to various art projects at the festival. Constant collaboration between dance, music, theatre, culinary and visual arts meant we had to step away from traditional way of representation of arts towards something that is meant only for Serendipity.


The work for the festival started with the ‘Chance Upon’ campaign, which introduced the festival and its different facets to the public. Executed all over India, the idea was to bring attention to the myriad of things you could expect at the festival ranging from art, food, music to unique personal experiences.


(The logo wasn’t designed by us)
Project done as a consultant with The Brewhouse.

The ‘Save the date’ poster officially announced the Serendipity Arts Festival to the public, while setting the tone for the overall visual language. The colourful festival language was translated onto posters, hoardings, vehicles and more, announcing the different events, around as well as inside the venues. Below is the preview of posters for various events from different disciplines. 90+ posters were designed for the festival.


Vehicle Graphics


Venue Graphics


Tote Bags


Curator badges (designed by my colleague, Bhavika Agarwal)


Magazine Ads


Daily Schedule Ads which were printed in the newspapers from 15–22 of december, everyday.


Misc. Ads and Posters for the events/festival.

Print Collateral

Following section includes the Guidebook and Schedule + Map. The handy guidebook carried all the necessary information pertaining to the festival. The foldable schedule carried a handy map as well as all the festival programming to help the people plan the ideal festival experience.


The schedule was grouped by venues and segregated by dates. It was further sorted by time of the events from morning to night.


The map was also blown up to help people at various venues in knowing where they were.


Before the festival, to generate some interest in the people of goa for the upcoming events, an A3 foldout with summary and details of the various events was printed and distributed. It was grouped by various venues.

Website and Social Media

The mobile-friendly website for Serendipity Arts Festival carried the brand language forward and allowed visitors to view the full schedule, register for the event and plan their own unique journey with the help of filters. Attention was paid to interactions with various elements on the website and their animation during the development process. The Social media posts were a mix of posts carrying the festival language as well as video idents, photographs, quizzes and competitions.

Identity for Theatre for Early Years

TFEY is a theatre programme organised by Serendipity Arts Festival with children as target audience. These plays are simple, entertaining, educating and engaging which parents can enjoy with their kids. These are slotted as part of SAF schedule and the posters carry an additional logo.