NASSCOM is a driver of innovation, adoption & application of technology across all verticals of the economy. They represent the concerns of the industry as a whole with a singular focus on Accelerating Trusted Technological Advancement from India. Nasscom are influencers, and are shaping the Techade.


The older Nasscom identity has been around for decades and hasn’t evolved with time. The brand’s architecture has evolved, the global contemporary aesthetics have grown and people are exposed to finer visual identities that they relate to.


We worked with Nasscom to redesign their identity with a fresher yet evolved palette, giving a solid foundation to the logo system and the typography structure. Most importantly, the new identity allows Nasscom to have a consistent, easily applicable visual language system for their ever-growing network of sub-brands. We also worked with Nasscom on their brand strategy, visual identity and various print and digital collateral.

Visual Identity