Invact is an Ed-Tech brand from India that is aiming to revolutionize education systems by making them accessible, approachable and result oriented. Invact helps students with the will to succeed attain mentorship, guidance, and opportunities. With a focus on craft, Invact offers short-term high quality courses designed by industry titans, and students apply what they learn to build powerful portfolios.


Their vision is to create a world with limitless opportunities for upward mobility where the joy of learning is accessible to all. Invact wants to empower their students’ will to succeed with effective education, opportunities
and community.


We worked with Invact to do the complete Branding exercise, including brand strategy, visual identity and various print and digital collateral. We continue to work with them on their LMS product as well as their website.

Visual Identity

The Invact visual identity is comprised of 2 sub-systems, Basic and Pro. For the foreseeable future, Invact will use the Basic Identity System to its fullest, to establish brand recognition and growth with students. Once the students and brand are both at a level where they need a system that can connect with the advanced audiences of the brand, like the teachers, industry professionals or veteran graduates, the Pro identity will come into play.