Project Denjong

What is Project Denjong?

A community that is dedicated to recovering, studying, preserving, and making available to the global public historically important elements of Sikkim—documents, photographs, paintings, correspondence, stories, and objects—as well as encouraging a new generation of people in Sikkim to engage creatively with them. For more information, visit Project done as a consultant with The Brewhouse.

Book for Denjong

The purpose of this book/series of books was to share stories of Sikkim and it’s royal family with the reader in a very immersive way, as if reading a journal of the king himself. The book will use archival images from Denjong’s archive and create narratives around culture, food, history, politics etc.

Alternate Identity Direction

This direction was the proposal to the client along with the one seen above. This one didn’t make it (by a close margin). The idea was to frame various parts of Project Denjong within the name itself. The language extended on that idea and took the colour inspiration from popular colours seen in Sikkim, but used with the metaphor of breaking the traditional norms and looking to the future.