Generico Rebranding Proposals

Generico is a generic medicine startup from Mumbai, India. They aim to reset the power balance in the healthcare space and empower people to take charge of their own health. The brand will have a growing focus towards chronic patients and their needs.


I worked with them to explore how a redesigned naming + branding approach can help them communicate better to their audience. Unfortunately the project was shelved by the client. Here are the explorations that were done during the course of the project. (Caution: There’s quite a few with various names + Visual languages)


*The illustrations and photographs used are placeholders and their rights belong to respective creators*. Project done as a consultant with The Brewhouse.


Why Boon?

Derived from the popular saying ‘Good health is the greatest boon’, ‘boon’ is synonymous to ‘benefit’ or ‘gain’, indicating the value people get by purchasing generic medicines and health management solutions from us. Since we’re dealing with life-long chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, we’ve followed a design approach that hints longevity by repeatedly using the ‘double o’ in ‘boon’ as our main visual device and designing elements related to pills.


Our messaging revolves around the long-term value we provide to chronics by giving them more worth for their money.


Why Neighbour?

Neighbour is especially relevant in the pharmacy context as we all have our neighbourhood pharmacist, our go-to person for every minor health problem. A neighbour is someone you can count on for things you need last minute. It’s someone who cares.


Our visuals are inspired by the idea of community and bringing real people from local neighbourhoods together, to share their personal experiences of managing their health. We’d like to identify local customers with chronic health issues that are looking healthy through good management who can be our ambassadors and feature in the shoot.


Why Re?

This is a versatile and fluid approach related to all words beginning with ‘Re’ relevant in our context of innovating and rethinking the concept of medicines through generic medicines and chronic health management through in-person consultation and digital aspects.

Owing to our activist approach towards revolutionising healthcare, we’re using bold colours and a sharp visual device – the slash, that denotes an alternative approach to things.

In our messaging, we use ‘Re’ as a prefix to communicate our business proposition, brand values and how we’re resetting the power balance in the industry.


Why Salt?

This direction is inspired partly from what we do—match the salts. It easily communicates our proposition of generic medicines—providing medicines with the same salt and quality, at a lower price. It also connotes good value as in “worth its salt”.

With the use of empowering, real people photography and bold colours, our visual language steers the brand in an empowering, health management space.


Why Selfless?

This direction stems from what we do and our intent of always putting the people first.

It’s about being empathetic and transparent, and in that, doing good for people. It goes with the idea of bringing the care back in healthcare by providing people more value for their money and helping them live better.

This thinking of ‘lending a helping hand to people’ inspired us to use hands as a symbol to represent our idea of selfless, visually. Our messaging focuses on how we ‘do more’ for people.


Why Yellow?

‘Yellow’ is the happiest colour in the colour spectrum, painting a bright, friendly and vibrant world for the brand visually. Owning a bright brand colour like ‘yellow’ would help us break the industry norm and stand out in the sea of sameness. Following an illustration based approach helps us break down the jargon and communicate our proposition in a human way, making the brand friendly and accessible.

The illustrations used in this exploration belong to dropbox and the illustrators associated with dropbox branding. They’re used here just for reference of a style and concept.


Zeno was a name that the client finally shortlisted at their end, and we set about creating an identity for the name.

This direction stems from the idea that getting better/healthy is a continuous, neverending and two-way journey. It’s the symbol of the brand’s purpose to reset the power balance in the industry. The colours used are friendly and bold at the same time, reflecting our brand personality. The logo unit is modular and can be adapted to different business categories in the future like hospitals, labs, etc.

In this visual approach we have used a playful, rounded Z making the brand appear friendly, people centric and ownable. The bright colour palette makes the brand feel human and accessible. The distinct logo helps break away from the clutter in the healthcare industry. The rounded Z can be used as a visual element with abstract and interesting applications across different touchpoints. We intend the messaging tone of voice to be friendly and witty.

This direction uses bold colours and arrows to stand for resetting the power balance in the healthcare industry. The back and forth arrows in the Z logo represent the constant process of communication between Zeno and it’s customers. It’s only after listening to them can Zeno help empower them back, thus pushing for resetting the power balance. The use of high-contrast, black and white photography makes the brand feel strong and courageous.

This direction visualizes one of the core values of Zeno, transparency. The symbols and typography used is see through, standing as a metaphor for transparency. This coupled with copy that talks about ‘medicine at true price’, along with Zeno’s core offerings, push the idea of transparency. The choice of photography makes the brand feel accessible and people-first.

The visual language uses the plus sign in bold colours and interesting ways to communicate the resetting of the power balance. Smaller parts of the plus sign acts like a frame representing reframing the conversation in healthcare. It is future-proof and can be extended to iconography for the brand’s different domains (meds, labs and care).

The idea here is to have the plus in the center, communicating that empowering people is at the core of what we do. The plus is integrated with the name of the brand in a unique manner and the two are inseparable.