Eat Safe Branding

Eat Safe is an idea (by Chuk) that inspires people to think about food consumption and it’s impact on health, environment and relationships from a fresh perspective. People today are ever more conscious of what they consume, how they consume it and what is the consequence of their habits. Eat Safe will be the platform for people to share their ideas, opinions, techniques and beliefs around food consumption, recycling, environmental protection etc.


Eat Safe will strive to provide a fresh perspective on how consumption, whether food or products, is perceived, from a cultural, environmental, personal, business, health perspective, and more. Eat Safe will venture into digital platform via a website, social media channels as well as print via advertisements, magazine collaborations and more.


I worked with the client to design an identity and visual language that can work with the above brief for the brand. The tone of voice is Friendly, Non-Intimidating, Casual yet Authoritative, Colourful, Food Inclusive and Clever.