Reimagine–British Council


Reimagine–British Council: Illustrations

Hum do, humare do

The illustrations were done in pairs to draw relationship on various tangents between UK and India as nations and cultures.


Re-Imagine is an on-going research and dialogue initiative of the British Council and partner organizations in India and the UK, which works toward re-imagining a mutually beneficial relationship that values the past while seeking to define the future for these two countries in the 21st century.

The challenge was to communicate the one and a half year long research effort, in a language, which people from both countries could equally relate to. This is where I was asked by Neha Tulsian to collaborate with her to create illustrations that can be part of a visual narrative based on the idea of ‘Stamps’. Stamps are strong and important pieces of the visual culture of a nation and stand for various ideas that the nation itself stands for. They are excellent communication tools and thus we adapted them as the basis for drawing a visual comparison between UK & India. Various collaterals were created with the illustrated stamps as the base.


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