Everything is inside–Subodh Gupta

Subodh Gupta: Everything is Inside

Every once in a while comes a project that teaches you so much more than you expected.

In 2013, it was great to work on designing a book chronicling Subodh Gupta’s life’s worth of work. Published by Penguin books, this book aimed to tell the story of India’s leading contemporary artist by showcasing his work parallel to a threaded interview between Subodh Gupta and Aveek Sen. I designed the book, managed content, prepared photographs and co-ordinated artwork with the printers. Designed during my tenure at Codesign brand Consultants Pvt. Ltd, guided by Mr. Rajesh Dahiya.

Spreads of the book

The book’s design had the task to carry forward an interview, articles and photographs of Subodh Gupta’s vast body of work, while maintaining a faintly visible approach to book design. This book is meant to be read, not just seen, it wasn’t a coffee table book after all.

Invite for the show

Apart from the book, I also worked on the invitation card that Subodh sent across via Email to his friends and guests for the launch of the book. The idea behind the invite was the same as the book’s cover, Tiffin contains the food for thought, open it to see what is inside.

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